5 Tips to Survive Holiday Shopping with Kids

holiday shopping survival tips

In my younger days, before I was a mom with an endless list of “to do’s” on the daily, I could go shopping on the whim without making any plans. In fact, I enjoyed shopping. I could go anywhere, whenever, and  however I wanted to at any time.

Those were the good ol days.

And then, I had children. Which meant, that now I have to take luggage with me to the mall or shopping anywhere.

Over the years, I have definitely had to readjust, plan and strategize my shopping days. It all about the logistics now a days.

So,here are a few simple tricks that help me survive during the holiday shopping season.

First and most importantly-Maps– Location is everything. I like to download the mall or outlet map on my phone to find the best place to park. So, I am not running around the mall by stores I don’t need to go to. This makes going to the mall an in-and-out, not to mention easy, trip if you have a stroller and kids. Maps also usually include the food court, bathrooms and the oh so much needed play space!

There’s nothing more stressful than having to rummage thru your purse at check out with a crying baby and wandering 8-year-old. So, having my phone, ID and credit card in one convenient place is a MUST. I keep it  all in one place. That’s why I love the Jimmy case. You can put credit cards, cash and ID in one spot. Not to mention you won’t be looking for 3 things all at once while trying not to lose a kid and feed one at the same time. CONVENIENCE is everything in my life.

The art of saving money! Now I am no professional at this, as my husband can contest, but I do have a Coupon book and always download apps like retail me not available to make sure I get those last minute discounts.  Which in turn makes not only hubby happy but it gives me that guilt-free feeling when buying during the holidays. 

GOT SNACKS! I learned this the HARD way…Grabbing snacks and drinks for the kids and forgetting about myself always happens. Snacks are not only good for the kiddies, but also for yourself. Keep something to snack on while shopping, because let’s face it- shopping can work up an appetite. Having a mommy snack will prevent you from binge eating all the sugary snacks so readily available at every corner of any mall or store.

Lessons learned and all, I still have not mastered this one yet – Make a List. Not only make a list of the stores but also of the items you have to purchase. That way you don’t have to make more than one trip. Especially if you have the kids with you…that is what I call an EPIC FAIL! Which. has happened to me plenty of times. Now doing this doesn’t always guarantee you won’t forget anything, but chances are you will get mostly everything! SMALL WINS!

What are some tips that have been successful for you? I would love it if you shared here. A girl can always use good advice.

Happy Surviving!

About the Author:
Guest blogger, MoniMoni is a proud Puerto Rican Air Force Spouse and mother of 3 brilliant children, that has found time as a SAHM to finish her Bachelors in Public Relations. She has moved over 13 times as an Army brat and now an Air force MilSpouse. This has allowed her to see things from different views. During her husbands last deployment, she was inspired to write about her military lifestyle from a candid, sassy, bold and witty perspective. She hopes that by sharing her experiences that it will encourage other spouses to find their voice in this journey of constant change and uncertainty…all this has been accomplished with buckets of prayer, glasses of wine and a few colorful words.