Stay warm in your home with these 5 tips

A snow day inside could be a chance to get stuff done, relax and stay warm!

Sometimes, the snowy winter weather forces you to stay inside. Have no fear! Just because it's gross outside doesn't mean you can't stay warm and cozy in your comfortable home. In fact, with a little bit of effort, you can turn a day stuck indoors into an excuse for a surprisingly comfortable, fun time!

If you know a big snowstorm is on its way, try some of these tips to make it seem more manageable.

1: Keep yourself busy
At first, you may not want to get out of bed, but staying on your toes (literally) is a surefire way to make time fly. It can also keep your heart pumping as you move from room to room, completing your daily chores. If you have any chores to do, now's a good time to distract yourself by doing them: you certainly aren't going anywhere!

Extra worried about heat loss? Go ahead and check each room for possible gaps in the walls, windows or doors where warm air could escape. You can put cloth or other insulation into a crack to keep the air inside, as a recent BBC article pointed out. Be sure to double-check the home, because some of these little spots might slip by.

2: Pace yourself
At the same time, you might not want to stay on your feet too much. And any activity involving sitting on the couch could just be an invitation to not move and stay unnecessarily sluggish. This could be especially important when you have kids to take care of.

So what's the solution? Do a little bit of both.

"Keeping on your toes is a surefire way to make the time fly."

Even if the snow day surprises you, you can plan yourself a spread of activities so you won't get too bored. If the weather gets slightly warmer as the day progresses, consider going outside and shoveling snow or salting the driveway. Don't forget to take a break and snuggle by the fire, read a good book or watch a DVD. After all, what else is a snow day for?

3: Have a nice warm meal
Mmm! Cooking up something hot and refreshing is the perfect counterpoint to the chill raging outside. Winter meals are usually associated with hearty, filling dishes, so if you have time, you can plan for a nice hot meal, perhaps something with squash, pasta or beans. Soups or chili make for a classic indoor dinner as well.

"Soups or chili make for a classic indoor dinner."

And what could be better than a cup of hot cocoa to go with your food? Splurging on a little treat for yourself that will also make you feel warm is delicious and can be a mental boost.

4: Catch up
Is there some work you've been putting off, or a Netflix show you've been meaning to get through? Maybe you have a hobby you'd really like to spend more time on, or a musical instrument you need to practice. Whatever it is you've needed time for, this is a great moment to finally get to it.

Go through your closet and bookshelves and see what you find. There might be something interesting in your junk drawers, or some boxes in the basement you still haven't unpacked. After an hour or two of solid productivity, you can really earn yourself that home-cooked meal! And you might get some more ideas of how to spend your time simply by doing a deep search. 

5: Take some indoor selfies
If all else fails, you can always try to take some fun shots of yourself to share. recommends this as something to do with kids playing dressup, but everyone shares their selfies these days, so why be any different?