Spring cleaning: 5 tricks you probably don’t know

Go above and beyond the typical cleaning methods.

Though we may be in the midst of winter, spring will be here before you know it, and that means it's time to get your home nice and clean. We know: This can seem like a tall order. We also know that spring cleaning is in the air and you've probably heard lots of different pieces of advice for this simple household task.

However, there are some neat tricks you might not know about that can make cleaning more effective. Since you'll be focusing on major cleaning at this time, try some of these odd approaches to save you some time. At the very least, they will give you a way to spice up your home routine!

1. Take advantage of your self-cleaning oven
This is admittedly not going to be an option for everyone, but if your oven can self-clean, by all means DO IT! If you've never heard of self-cleaning before, just know that it's a special mode that heats your oven up to high temperatures to burn off grease and get the interior looking nice and clear.

Be careful to follow the device's instructions, though, and know in advance that the oven will get way hotter than it usually does—perhaps even hot enough to burn you if you touch the door while it's in action.

"Your oven will get way hotter than it usually does—perhaps even hot enough to burn you."

2.  Polish silver with toothpaste
A Bustle article recently referenced information from HomeTalk that revealed one way to get old, worn silver objects looking new again is to rub toothpaste into the silver with a rag. We're a little skeptical, but if it works for your teeth, why can't it work for your best centerpieces at home?

3. Use soda in your cleaning
Let's stick with the topic of "unusual uses for common household items." You probably know about using vinegar as a cleaning agent, but there's something else you might have in your home that could work as well: soda.

According to the internet, there's actually quite a lot of things you can use soda to clean. Wise Bread may give you some ideas, such as using it for dissolving grease or rust or even cleaning off the front of your car. This is one use of cola that even the biggest health nuts might be able to get behind. 

4. Mix coffee and baking soda to leave your fridge smelling fresh
For our next tip, we turn to Mental Floss, which recommended using a blend of coffee and baking soda for difficult interior fridge odors. Mix these two substances together (the source suggested ground coffee specifically) and spread it out over a tray or surface to place in the refrigerator.

"If you've left things in the fridge for too long, it's probably high time you tackle the odor."

The result? Hopefully, a cleaner-smelling fridge—with a faint coffee aroma—that gets a much needed refresh. If you've left things in the drawers and on the shelves for too long, it's probably time you tackle this odor.

5. Ice up your carpet
Let's say you have dents in your carpet that just won't go away. Believe it or not, you may be able to get rid of these unsightly impressions with the magic of ordinary ice.

Supposedly, all you need to do is put a bit of the old frozen water in an indentation and just wait for it to melt. Think of it as a little micro-wash for that one specific spot. Once it's done, multiple sources say you'll need to clean up the water left behind, but it shouldn't be too big of a deal. Just wipe it up or use a vacuum and you should be all set!