Kitchen Tips: Quick Skillet Veggie Egg

Veggie Egg Skillet

Welcome back to our Kitchen Tips series! Today we are cooking up some “incredible edible” eggs. Today’s recipe is a quick skillet egg and veggie dish. We are using kale and squash but you can replace with nearly any veggie. Use a fatty meat like bacon to flavor and coat the pan and save the butter or spray for another day. With just two pieces of bacon for four servings, the rendered fat from the bacon is just enough to not leave drippings or excess grease.

Eggs used to be on the “no” list for heart health and the dreaded low fat diet, but no more! Physicians and nutritionists are now reviewing the research that tells us that the fat from eggs is in fact healthy. Good news, because as long as egg allergies don’t run in your family eggs can be an excellent source of budget-friendly protein. At just about $3.00 per dozen, you can supplement any dish for change.

Try this frittata style recipe for a quick breakfast that will last through lunch plus have extra for the week! I like to prepare one large recipe and store the rest in the fridge for the week and enjoy on one piece of toast. With all the vitamins and fiber from the veggies, this dish is sure to keep you full and feeling great.


2 strips of bacon, chopped

½ Cup Kale, chopped

½ Cup Zucchini or Yellow Squash, chopped

4 Eggs

¼ Cup shredded cheese

Season with any mix of salt, pepper, garlic, basil, parsley or even a dash of hot sauce.


Chop all ingredients into bite size pieces. Warm a medium pan to medium-high heat. Add chopped bacon, cook for 5 minutes or until almost brown. Add kale, cook 2 minutes and add squash. Cook 1 minute or until just softened.

Remove sauteed mix from pan and set aside. Reduce heat to medium low and add whipped eggs.

Cover pan with lid and let cook 2 minutes. Using spatula or spoon flip egg to finish cooking. Remove from heat and add cheese.


About the Author:

Patricia Mathisen, AND-DTR, ASCSM-Cpt
Culinary nutrition educator, food writer, Mother of Little Chefs. Linking nutrition to seasonal eating.

As a full-time mom and farmers market chef she created a culinary nutrition brand that encourages individuals and families to feel empowered to cook at home for healthful eating. Using local seasonal produce and conversation with local producers she appealed to a fast growing audience with the Nutrisha food blog and health supportive food brand.

Credentials include Bachelors education in Nutrition, Dietetic Technician Registered through Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and American College of Sports Medicine. Today Nutrisha is working with corporations, non-profits and families to bring accessible nutrition to the community. By applying nutrition fundamentals to home cooking, workshop participants and private clients can bring nourishment to their home kitchen and be empowered to cook the season.