Getting Your Entertainment Center Party-Ready

sports viewing party

With fall sports in full swing, time is running out to prep for Sunday football viewing parties and World Series matches. Get your living room and entertainment center party-ready in no time with added storage and accessories to make your life easier and your guests comfortable. From tailgating trays for snacks to organizers for remotes and gadgets, there are plenty of easy options to make your space tailgate-ready before the guests arrive.

Where’s the Remote?

When fall sports are on, the television is the center of attention. Take your entertainment center to the next level by preparing it for the big game. Organization is key because decluttering helps keep you focused on the game instead of frantically searching for things. We’ve all been there—the game is about to start and the television remote is nowhere to be found. Keep those precious remotes within reach with a handy organizer and you’ll never have to go digging for them again.

Toss In More Storage

Are you finding that your entertainment center is overflowing with too many items? Consider upgrading to a larger console to house everything you need and more. Built-in entertainment centers offer expansive storage—cabinets can tuck away those massive receivers and wiring, while upper ledges are perfect for books and team decorations. If a built-in entertainment center isn’t an option, take a look at upgrading to a larger console or adding additional storage with bins or totes. Not only will they keep messy items tucked away, but fun storage containers are also a conversation starter when guests walk through the door.

Tailgate Trays

Snacks and drinks are essentials for game day, but don’t let their mess get in the way of having a good time. Keep nibbles safe and within reach by using festive snack trays and coasters on coffee tables and ottomans. They add a pop of texture or color and keep you worry-free during touchdown celebrations.

Pump Up the Volume

Bring in additional audio so you and your guests can feel like you’re in the stadium yourselves. With so many speakers on the market today, choices can be overwhelming. Surround sound speakers will pack the most punch audio-wise and can make every play an exciting experience. For a fuss-proof way to add more audio capability to your entertainment center, Bluetooth speakers are easy additions that can be moved around when needed.

All Eyes on the Game

There’s nothing worse than missing that game-winning catch because you couldn’t see it. Wall-mounted televisions are handy, especially for smaller spaces like compact city apartments and tiny living rooms. Television wall mounts not only free up surface space in your living room, but they also allow for adjustability so the game can be watched at different angles throughout the night.

Game Day Seats

Seating can become a precious commodity when guests flock into the living room before the first pitch is thrown. Ottomans and poufs are great for small children and teens while floor pillows work well for those comfortable on the floor. Beanbag chairs are especially handy, as they can be moved from space to space and are easily stashed in a closet or basement between game days.

Let the Good Times Roll

Larger entertainment centers are perfect for creating a makeshift bar. A shelf or two is all you need to house some cold drinks, festive mugs and stemware. A rolling food and beverage cart can also create a portable statement piece that’ll have your guests oohing and aahing. Simply roll it into the living room for snack and drink patrol during the game.

How will your entertainment area scream “go team” this sports season?


Guest blogger, Kelly

Entertainment centers, interior designer Kerrie Kelly will tell you, are a big focus-point for many families who are renovating their living space—especially during football season. Kerry writes on living room decor for The Home Depot. If you are researching entertainment centers for your home, you can find a wide selection online of them at Home Depot.