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Corvias milkid to milspouse

MilKid to MilSpouse

“Where are you from?” That’s the infamous question that makes any military kid giggle. It still makes me giggle today. I answer, “How much time do you have?” I was

corvias military spouse role model

My military spouse role model

This month is a big one for me! It’s my birthday month and I’m celebrating with some dear friends on the Maryland shore. I have a whole lot of awesome

military spouse careers

Career Support for Military Spouses

We are not in this alone. There are a lot of different resources and support out there for working military spouses. I touched on a few specifics when I talked


Coping with Loneliness

It’s almost that time for me again. It’s like clockwork that every six months or so, he leaves for temporary duty (TDY). Some would be for a month and others

portable career

How to start a Portable Career

I work from home. But, I didn’t start my career that way. Before I met my spouse, I was working in an office doing the 9-5 hustle. When big projects