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Five years ago, I was shopping around for college scholarships and decided to apply for one from the Corvias Foundation; at that point I was just looking for help paying for my undergraduate tuition. After being named a scholarship recipient, I was very excited to be awarded such a large sum of money. However, it took me four years to realize just how much the Corvias Foundation was going to help me grow from a personal, professional, and philanthropic standpoint.

Upon accepting the scholarship, Corvias flew the Class of 2011 scholarship recipients out to Boston to be recognized for our huge accomplishment. Here we learned about the foundation, listened to and interacted with many inspirational speakers, and met both our fellow scholarship classmates as well as the recipients from the classes of 2007-2008. After leaving Boston, I felt so excited to go to college, grow friendships with my fellow Corvias recipients, and embrace all of the things that I had learned over that long weekend.

The next four years were filled with nothing but support from my Corvias family. In between constant e-mails just to “check in”, praises for grades at the end of the semester, chances to review my resume and give me tips to interview, providing me with the opportunity for a peer mentor, and offers to write letters of recommendation for graduate school, I grew close with all of these new people. In addition to supporting me, they also supported my family- they offered to send care packages to deployed family members and represent our service members in races such as the Run to Home Base and Army Ten Miler. They knew that by supporting my family, they were also supporting me.

Throughout this time, I realized that those associated with the Corvias Foundation wanted to provide help in more than a financial sense. They wanted to invest their money, time, and energy in young, eager, intelligent minds. Every person realized that children of both active duty and retired servicemen/women undergo trials and tribulations that other children often avoid. During many of my interactions with Mr. John Picerne, he has mentioned his desire for others to recognize our sacrifice as military children; he knows that our military parents have stresses of their own, and he wants to both help remove one of those stressors, while encouraging military children to continue their education, by helping to pay for college.

Corvias Foundation alumniSince graduating from my undergraduate institution, the presence of the Corvias Foundation has only increased in my life. Each year, Corvias invites the “alumni” scholarship recipients to participate in an alumni summit where we work on strengthening the Corvias Foundation, and I was able to attend this year. Here, I worked with my fellow alumni to plan ways to give back to, and further support, Corvias in return for all they have provided for us. They encouraged us to increase our philanthropic tendencies, continue to further our education or achieve other professional ambitions, and remain in touch with all of the people they have allowed us to meet.

The Corvias Foundation has provided me more than a scholarship- they have provided me with lifelong friendships, an endless source of support and encouragement, and peace of mind for my family members. Upon moving across the country, Corvias was able to connect me with other scholarship recipients that made the transition infinitely smoother. They continue to remind everyone in our foundation family that they are there for us, whether our needs come from a personal, professional, or philanthropic standpoint.

One of the things I love most about this scholarship is that not only do they support high school students, but they provide grants for the spouses of military personnel as well. If you are looking for funding opportunities and want to become a part of this foundation family, follow the link below to utilize their resources- it is a decision you will never regret!