6 family fall activities


The invigorating chill in the air, the golden and scarlet leaves on the trees, the farm stands overflowing with freshly picked pumpkins – there’s something undeniably magical about fall! It’s the season to embrace the beauty of nature before the frost of winter arrives, and that makes it a wonderful time to make new, lasting memories with your family.

There’s an endless list of things to do in the fall, whether you have young children or teens. Make the most of the season with these six fun ideas for fall family activities:

1. Have an ‘Apple Day’
The fruit of the season, apples just taste the best in the fall, with their crisp, tangy sweetness in every bite. Whatever variety you prefer, from McIntosh to Honeycrisp, celebrate the fruit of the season with an “Apple Day.” Start off the morning by taking your family to a local farm stand, where you can enjoy scrumptious apple cider donuts. Then head to your favorite orchard to pick the best and brightest apples – and munching on a few along the way! Grab a jug of apple cider, then tote back your freshly picked treasures to your home, where your family can use your harvest to make candy apples or a delicious apple pie. “Apple Day” could be the start of a new fall tradition for your family.

“‘Apple Day’ could be the start of a new fall tradition for your family.”

2. Tackle a corn maze
Quintessentially fall, a corn maze is a fun fall activity for your family. You can decide that putting your heads together is the best strategy and stick together as you go through the maze, or can split into teams to get a little (friendly) competition going. Last team out gets apple cider donuts for everyone!

3. Camp out and tell not-so-scary stories
Gather round the campfire – or just in your yard with bundles of blankets and some lanterns – and take turns telling spooky stories. For little kids, keep the stories more on the silly side, and have fun using flashlights and other props to tell the tales! You can also read aloud your children’s favorite Halloween- or fall-themed storybooks. Munching on s’mores or pumpkin spice cookies as you go around the circle makes this activity extra sweet.

4. Go on a nature walk and make leaf art 
There’s nothing like walking down a trail – or even just your neighborhood – in the thick of autumn, when the leaves have turned a dazzling array of colors. Have your family lace up their hiking boots and head off on a scenic path, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the season. Have your kids collect their favorite leaves that have fallen, and then take them back home to create one-of-a-kind leaf art – the perfect keepsake of your family’s fall fun.

“For younger children, stick to using paint, markers, feathers and stickers to decorate pumpkins.”

5. Decorate pumpkins
Few things are comparable to the joy that lights up children’s faces when they’ve found their perfect pumpkin in a patch! Snap a pic of them with their prized find, then head back to the house to decorate them. Older kids can carve creative jack-o’-lanterns, but for younger children, stick to using paint, markers, feathers and stickers to decorate the pumpkins. Once they’re finished, display the masterpieces on the front steps for everyone to admire.

6. Go on a hayride
A hayride is a fun fall activity that lets you and your family take in all the beauty of the season. Make sure everyone bundles up in their warmest flannels – bring along a fleece blanket for extra coziness – then warm up after the ride with hot cocoa.