31 days of Family Fun


I can’t believe how quickly the summer has gone. School supplies have hit the store shelves, which means summer is on the downhill slide. My children will start school in just a few weeks and our schedule with dance, gymnastics, scouts and homework will begin again.

I recently read that August is Family Fun Month and thought it would be great to squeeze in an inexpensive and entertaining family activity each day. Here’s my list of 31 family-friendly activities which everyone can enjoy regardless of where you live:

Go on a bike ride

Go to a park

Host a block party

Go to the pool

Watch a movie at home (or at a Corvias Community Center)

Go fishing

Dig for fossils

Have a picnic

Bake a cake

Check out books from the library

Pick up trash in your neighborhood

Paint a picture for a room

Make s’mores

Go for a walk

Fly a drone

Play in a sprinkler

Go to the zoo

Make homemade ice cream with all the toppings

Pajama Day (for everyone!)

Blow bubbles (and you can even make your own)

Surprise a neighbor with cookies

Go on a scavenger hunt in your home

Go to an Art Museum

Take a tour at a local business

Family game night

Visit a local attraction you have never visited

Take family selfies

Family dance night


Camp in your backyard

Build an at-home obstacles course

What ideas would you add to the list?

About the Author, Michelle Geering

MGeeringHi, I’m Michelle. I can be found during the day at a job I love with Corvias Military Living. I live in Kansas with my handsome husband and two lovely daughters. I am a working mom who cherishes time with my family, loves to cook amazing (and not so amazing) meals and I have an obsession with shoes and kitchen gadgets.